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The Last Grilling Basket You’ll Ever Need.
We guarantee it.

Whether you’re cooking at home or around a campfire, the Qualitech grill basket is the basket for you! It’s portable, foldable, and easy to pack in the car or camper.


Unlike normal baskets our folding basket is designed with 3 divided sections each measuring 4.5 inches making it easy to cook steak, chicken wings, and vegetables over charcoal, campfire, or gas grill all at the same time!


Unlike competitors who use nickel plated steal that rusts easily, our basket is made of only high quality professional 430 grade stainless steel that doesn’t rust! The non stick steel is dishwasher safe making for easy clean-up. It is a perfect gift for fathers day or anyone who loves grilling.


There is a pair of orange heat-resistant silicone grill gloves included to use while grilling. You will feel comfortable roasting over an open fire or hot charcoal with these heat resistant gloves! The glove prevents heat and ensures your hand will be safe over the barbecue.

What Makes Our Grilling Basket Better Than The Competition?

We’re glad you asked.


430 Stainless Steel Construction

No cheap chrome plated steel is used in our QualiTech grilling basket. We only use the highest quality, high strength 430 grade stainless steel which means you don’t have to worry about rust like other inferior grill baskets.

Engineered and Designed by Grillers

It’s very apparent that some of our competitor’s grill baskets were designed by people with little to no grilling experience. We know grilling and we designed our QualiTech grill baskets to stand up to the abuse dished out by the toughest meat eaters.

Unique Design Simplifies Grilling

Easily grill any combination of steaks, burgers, fish, chicken, vegetables, or whatever else you throw at it, all at the same time thanks to our innovative three-section grilling basket design. Meats and veggies don’t get mixed when flipped. It keeps the peace between carnivores and vegans.

Huge Surface to Cook a Feast

Our QualiTech grilling basket is large enough to cook for 2-6 people at once. It measures 13.5″ wide by 8.5″ long by .78″ deep with three 4.5″ cooking sections. That’s enough space to feed your whole crew, tailgate, or camp out.

Convenience is Built In

Our quality grilling baskets were thoughtfully designed to simplify your life. It features a removable wooded locking handle that easily removes for storage or transportation.  When it comes time to clean up, it’s dishwasher safe. No muss, no fuss.

We Even Thought of The Gloves

We love a big fire as much as anyone, but we also want you to be comfortable when using the best grilling basket on the market. So we include a pair of premium, heat-resistant silicone grill gloves to keep your hands nice and cool when putting a char on a big ribeye steak. 

Other Brands Vs Qualitech

Still deciding which grill basket to buy? Watch this video showing a rust test between other brands on Amazon against Qualitech. On June 1st of 2020 did a 24 hour rust test with a Qualtech Grill Basket and another top selling basket off of Both baskets were first submerged in water for 12 hours, followed by being outside for 12 hours. The video shows the results and the winner is clear! Other Brands claim to use 430 grade stainless steel but they are actually nickel plated. Don’t take our word for it, watch the video!

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the QualiTech grill basket?

Every Qualitech grill basket comes with a premium 430 grade stainless steel grill basket along with a pair of heat resistant food grade silicone grill gloves!

What Can I Cook with my Grill Basket?

You can cook just about anything! The Qualitech grill basket is great at dividing your food so you can cook all of  your favorites at once. Cook beef, chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables and more! 

Do you stand behind your product?

Yes! The Qualitech brand was made to provide quality products using genuine materials that are designed keeping the consumers use in mind. The Qualitech grill basket was built to solve the problems consumers had with other grill baskets on the market!

Can I use this on my Grill?

Yes! You can set the basket inside and detach the handle so you can still close the grill lid. Then use the handy grill gloves to re-attach the handle and flip when ready!

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